Are You on The Right Path?

If you’re like most people, when something works, you keep doing it. You’ve worked hard to build your retirement nest egg and may assume it makes sense to stick to the strategy that’s gotten you this far. But the investing world is ever-changing, and you may want to be aware of the latest options – especially the potential upsides and downsides of different investment tracks. There is no universal answer that fits everyone.

This report explores various investing options and some of their pros and cons. As your portfolio grows, options become available that may not have been when you first started investing. An investment plan and firm that worked for you when you were 30 may not be a good fit for you when you’re 50.

Understand your options:

coupon.pngSelf investing via discount broker

buildings-couple.pngFull service broker

robot-of-rounded-head.pngRobo advisor

smartphone.pngWealth management firm

interview.pngAsset management firm

couple-beside-home.pngFamily office


Did you think an asset manager is the same as a wealth manager? Wondering about the tradeoffs? Download the report and have professionals with four decades of experience explain it.