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It’s been just over one year since the election. Do you remember the predictions from last year? The fear, the hype, the prognostication? Prognosticators prognosticate. That’s their job. But when you’re managing people’s hopes, dreams and future, you’d better have more than an opinion. Thirty years ago, a 22-year-old John Buckingham was baptized by fire into the world of investing. It was Black Monday. Thirty years taught John the virtue of data and the prudence of staying the course.

So, let the data speak. This report will show how the markets performed since last year’s election. Spoiler Alert: If you got out of the market last year, you lost 20% of potential gains¹. You will also see the data for the last eighty years and how the market performed across political parties. Spoiler Alert #2: We believe that staying the course is the prudent approach.

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Market performance by President since 1930. See the data - president by president and how the market reacted.


Market performance by Congressional party since 1930. Republican controlled, Democrat controlled and split control - see the data year by year.


Our strategy for investing in the current political environment.


Access to our Navigating Turbulent Markets report. War, FED rate hikes, natural disasters - discover how markets respond.

John Buckingham - AFAM Capital Chief Investment Officer, Editor - The Prudent Speculator Newsletter

"Six months before Black Monday was my first day at AFAM Capital. After 6 presidents and 15 sessions of congresses, I can tell you there is a pattern that drives our investment decisions."

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". . . for 15 years you've quietly beaten Buffett's record"

 - April 10, 2015

"It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from the Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four decades."

- February 23, 2017††

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