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AFAM Capital’s legacy goes back to 1977 when the late Al Frank launched The Prudent Speculator newsletter and began his TPS portfolio. Our long-term returns for the TPS Strategy (Al Frank’s original portfolio) have consistently outperformed its index1. In 2008, AFAM Capital acquired Innealta Capital and added a dynamic division that utilizes ETFs for its investment products. Some of our strategies are better suited for long-term investors, while others emphasize downside protection.

You probably fall into one of two categories. Either you currently have a financial asset manager and are looking for better returns, or you’ve been managing your own portfolio and are ready to invest your time elsewhere while tasking your asset management to a full-time professional. Regardless of why you’re making a change, the most valuable thing we can do for you is keep you on the path.

We've compiled answers to the most common questions we get from people like you - people who believe they can do better.

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Is AFAM Capital a good fit for you? The answer may be "no" and we will tell you. Some investors are a great fit for our strategies and some are not. Read this report and see what you think.


What makes AFAM Capital unique? You have many options. But in his Barron's article, Mark Hulbert identified what he believes makes AFAM Capital unique among the many choices. Discover what that is in this report.


What is the onboarding process? It's just 4 steps. You can know what to expect and how long it will take. 


Is there diversity among our investment strategies? We offer proprietary investment strategies to meet almost any investment objective. Discover how we group them here.


Even more FAQs. More answers to our most common questions.


Does your portfolio size determine your portfolio manager? The short answer is "no." Download to discover our approach to portfolio management.

John Buckingham - AFAM Capital Chief Investment Officer, Editor - The Prudent Speculator Newsletter

"We don’t believe we’re just managing your money, but your hopes, your dreams, and your future."

". . . for 15 years you've quietly beaten Buffett's record"

 - April 10, 2015

"It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from the Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four decades."

- February 23, 2017††

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